Walk a Mile with Mike Donohue

Walk a Mile with Mike Donohue
Posted on 10/24/2017
Walk a MileTHIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED and rescheduled to November 17th!

Soon we will be hosting Mike Donohue again as Mike has spoken at Four Points two times over the last 7 years. Each time he has been tremendously impactful. Mike’s message is “Walk a Mile.” He gets kids to really think about how they are treating each other. Each of the two prior years, we have had a few kids be so moved that they asked to meet with our counselors after the event. We just wanted you to know in advance and give you the option to have your child opt out of the presentation. Students who opt out will be able to visit our library during the 50 minute speech.

If we don’t receive this form or a phone call from you we will send the student to the planned presentation. While we aren’t running 800 copies to send home, paper copies of this form are available at our front desk or online

Below please find the address to Mike’s site.

There are YouTube videos of some of his presentations available. As you watch, please be aware that his presentations to high school groups are significantly different than when he speaks to middle schoolers.