Care Closet

Care Closet
Posted on 10/30/2018
care closet with heart

We have spent a great deal of time and intentional focus this year on deepening not only our understanding, but our commitment to the whole child. There are several critical and meaningful conversations and actions that have and will continue to take place within our culture and climate on how we not only prepare students academically, but how we stimulate their healthy growth and development social-emotionally.

With that being said, we want to inform everyone of a program initiated by our counseling staff and recently funded by our PTA. The Care Closet serves to support our students in need through multifaceted ways. From providing a healthy snack or food item, to items for hygienic care, and clothing needs- this initiative seeks to serve our student population beyond the classroom.

I wanted to especially thank our members and donors of PTA, and send a sincere note of gratitude for just how much you all have contributed and continue to contribute for our students. We are extremely fortunate to have a healthy and thriving support system for our campus, and from Viper Nation to all who serve our students: We thank you for going above and beyond!